About Scratchbusters

Owned and operated by North Shore locals Angel and Rachael Roset, Scratch Busters has a great team of professionals working together to make your

vehicle repair experience as painless as possible.

A car painter by trade, Angel has over 25 years European and Kiwi experience. He has worked in both Germany and Spain, running the family panel shop and automotive dismantlers in the Barcelona region. Angel’s experience with European vehicles is truly authentic (so is his accent!)

Scratch Busters offers hands-on customer service, quality repairs, and industry experience.


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Rachael was brought up on the North Shore and met Angel whilst living abroad in Barcelona. They married in 2007 and Angel (with little to no English) followed Rachael back to NZ, quickly making it his home.

In 2010, Angel and Rachael first established Scratch Busters as a mobile repair van. After seeing the need to grow, they purchased The Plastic Repair Company and teamed the two companies together to build the successful repair shop you see today.

The company continues to be a family affair, with new additions Lachlan and Margot often seen running around the office and workshop. Lachlan likes to help dad in the workshop, and Margot steals biscuits from Dee in the office.


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Call: 09 444 5553

Email: info@scratchbusters.co.nz

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205 Archers Road, Glenfield
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